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COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many, especially gender and sexual minorities most societies exclude. Munakata Grant responded to the additional needs of trans-women in Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan and LGBTI refugees in Malawi this year. Our Board Members also give their hearts to all our partner organizations whose grant ends this year, and suggested the extension of grant in most needed cases.


During this time of difficulties, I feel grateful about all the hard work made by our partner organizations, and all board members who enabled us to provide timely and generous support to them. Please take a look at our business report and give your suggestions and comments for our continuous improvement.


Mana Tanaka

Chairperson / Director-General

Munakata Foundation


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2020 BusinessReportJap.pdf


2020 FinancialReportJap.pdf

I am writing this message during the turmoil of COVID-19 pandemic which none of us predicted just 6 months ago. In Kolkata, India, our grant project site was completely destroyed by Cyclone and almost all families lost their livelihoods by Colona and Cyclone Amphan. Transgender Women in Pakistan also faces severe financial and health threats, as many of them have weak immune systems due to HIV. During this moment of difficulties, Munakata Grant sent extra funds for our partner organizations which reached more than 1,200 women and children. 


Due to this pandemic, our lives themselves are facing unprecedented challenges, but hope some of us also imagine the distress and despair of women and children in rural India and provide your financial resources to Munakata Grant. 




Mana Tanaka

Chairperson / Director General

Munakata Foundation

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This is the very first fiscal year report Munakata Foundation published on a website which was compiled based on the Act on General Incorporated Associations and General Incorporated Foundations (Japan).


We created this foundation based on the strong will of “bringing the utmost for people”, NOT for “people who help people”. Below is the very UNIQUE character and dogma of our expense.


  1. There is no overhead cost (salary, welfare for executives etc.)
  2. There is no rent or utility cost
  3. “Travel and transportation expenses” is the major expense. We keep the quality of Munakata Grant through direct monitoring visits to Asia and Africa.


2019 will be another year to expand Munakata Grant to a new country; Pakistan. We will also visit countries of our current grant partners; India, Malawi, Madagascar, and Mozambique.


Mana Tanaka

Chairperson / Director General

Munakata Foundation

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Mana TANAKA, JICA Expert (Chairperson)

Prof. Yuko NIKAIDO, Economist (Chairperson)

Dr. Kazuko TANAKA, Gender Specialist (Chairperson)

Rev. Makoto TANAKA (Trustee)

Setsu HASEGAWA (Fundraising Advisor)

Yukako MATSUURA (Trustee)

Hideki FUKAMACHI (Trustee)

Masaru HOMAN (Trustee)

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