We work for the causes others neglect

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One million yen in Japan is the annual income of one part-time worker, You can hire 3 full-time employees in India. Use the Foundation's endowment in a country that creates as much value as possible.

Having worked in the field for many years through the United Nations, JICA, international NGOs, etc., I had a big dream that I would like to support ``people I couldn't save`` someday.

Drug addicts who are reluctant to support each other because they will re-offend even if they support them. The recipients of the Munakata grant are those minorities who have been overlooked. We are developing businesses in fields, regions, and people that are difficult for other organizations to support.

In response to the voice of the founder's aunt, the Munakata Foundation is currently subsidizing the three poorest African countries (Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi) and South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). We are conducting business with gold (Munakata Grant).

Promise to Support ''People I Couldn’t Save''

I have spent most of my life thinking about and working for people in developing countries. I lived in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Loas, Myanmar, Malaysia for a total of 10 years and engaged in aid-projects and a startup business. I thought I would be able to reach people in need and support them in time. However, there are many rad tapes and protocols working in big aid organizations, and there are so many causes and fields I could not touch or talk about; international trafficking, gays and lesbians rights, drug and alcohol addicts etc.


Munakata Grant is a rare product which was made out of my long experience in the field and lessons learnt.


❕ No Application Deadline NOR Selection Based on Proposal 

  (We Physically Visit Projects and Decide Grant Recipients)


❕ No Protocol or Formality 

 (We Can Provide Grant for People or Unregistered Organization)


❕ Additional Fund for Contingencies 

      (COVID-19 Response Grant was Granted in 2 Weeks)


Munakata Grant also takes into account the  “exit plan” or “graduation” of every project in 3 years. In this rapidly changing world, I believe that people or organizations which can complete a project or collect another fund in 3 years can last long. 


If your heart resonates with the causes or processes of Munakata Grant, please take a look at INVEST IN FUTURE page and send your support or give us message for future collaboration. 

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